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These are "spots" created to bring attention to UU. You are encouraged to use them at the head or tail or even at an appropriate break in your podcast or on your UU website. The spots marked "donut" mean that there is a break in the talking for you to insert a voice over message for your local fellowship.

The spots are free to use but please fill out this form so that we can notify UUA who is using them.
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Podcast host URL
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Otherwise they are free for you to use and we encourage you to do so. Please contact BobAnne@BobAnneOnMic.com
if you would like free male and female professional voice over services for this or other UU related audio projects.


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UUA Inherent Worth 10 sec promo
UUA Ideas 15 sec promo
UUA Promo 30 sec
UUA Respect 10 sec promo
UUA Respect 15 sec promo
UUA Promo 60 sec
UUA Different People 15 sec promo
UUA Promo 30 sec with 12 sec donut

UUA Promo 60 sec with 20 sec donut



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