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Quick Start Guide
to Podcast Listening


 Podcast files, typically mp3 audio files (other types of files can also be podcast), are stored on a web server or other delivery network.


The podcast producer, creates an RSSfeed (typically an xml or other file format). Listeners use the aggregator program (iTunes® or other similar programs - see below) to subscribe and check the RSSfeed for new podcasts.
The aggregator automatically downloads groups or individually selected podcasts to the home computer.


 The listener can play the podcast on their computer or elect to load it to a personal mp3 player (iPod® or similar devices)
Finding - Selecting an aggregator:


The most widely used podcast aggregator is iTunes® by Apple® however other free high quality aggregators are available and new ones or new releases are coming out all the time.  This editor recommends the Juice Receiver
Finding a podcast:


Search the web for 'podcast' and see what happens!  Add a keyword of the subject that interests you and take your pick.  Thousands of podcasts are out there and the list is growing.

Go to a podcast directory, many are out there.
 iTunes® by Apple®  has years of listening available, other directories like Podcast Pickle or Podcast Alley are also good places to start.
What's this funky code when I click on RSS?


Just click on a link like this and it will bring up some interesting information, none of which is much interest to any listener.  All we want is to subscribe to the damn podcast!  The inside info is to "right click" then select "copy link location" so you can paste the URL path to the RSSfeed directly into your aggregator.

The free internet browser Firefox lets you drag the RSSfeed to the navbar where
it is automatically installed.
Want to learn more?


There are so many sites available to expand your understanding of podcasting.  Podcast411 has been around from the beginning and is a great place to start.
What's Next?


This a very brief guide (by a non-computer professional) to a world of podcasting that is changing everyday. We hope that it will help you get started to a whole new and exciting media world!  Check back once in a while for updates and please email your questions to info@uupodcasters.org
  Thanks to founding member Alex Gacic for this column.
What does podcasting mean to you? For one, it's a new convenience. Listeners who miss favorite radio shows, such as National Public Radio's On the Media, can download the programs and catch up with them on their weekend jog. At this basic level, podcasting gives you what you want when you're ready to listen: It's TiVo for radio -- and it's free.
-Business Week




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