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Podcasts are "on demand" audio and video broadcasts that are downloaded from the internet to your iPod or other .mp3 player, or listened to directly from your computer media player.


Welcome, we're the podcasters of UU (at least some of them). This site is to help you get going with your podcasts when you are ready - an know that you have the support and resources of those who have gone before you.

It's also a site for the listener who wants to learn more about how to listen to podcasts.

We also envision the site stimulating many other UU churches to get involved in podcasting and to promote listening and sharing of podcasts throughout the UU world-wide community.


"Podcasting is the future of radio and TV as we know them. Podcasting means ANYONE on earth with ANYTHING to stay will have a VOICE. Podcasting is the youngest service the Internet offers."

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